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Business Solutions Bangladesh was founded in 2006 with a clear vision, strong Company philosophy of loyalty, commitment and complete dedication towards its objectives. As a result, the Company have achieved its position as one of the biggest, experienced, leading and professional business concern in its field of business. Business Solutions Bangladesh is a mother company of BSBTean in Bangladesh having six manufacturing units. With efficient handling of business transaction between buyers and sellers, Excelsior has achieved a credible reputation as dependable and reliable agent. Customers satisfaction, effective solution to their needs, after sales service and strong relationship with customers; and past track record provides the backbone of Excelsior success and developments. Knowledge on market situation, professional approach, appropriate response, hard work and commitment to quality service of the entire working force has been helping the Company for its continuous growth and progress. The future plans of the Company have been guided by the experience, knowledge of global and local market situation and very comprehensive vision. Thus, with meticulous professional management and teamwork the Company is prepared to accept and encounter any challenge it may face on its way of progress and developments. BSBTeam is in continuous search for newer meaning of business, technological and intellectual advancement to serve its buyers and sellers always in a better way.

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